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Smart Home Advantages


Smart homes offer enhanced energy efficiency which can result in significant decreases in utility bills. You’ll also be saving time. No moving around the house to turn everything off or unnecessary trips back home to make sure the garage door is closed or the doors are locked. Many insurance companies also provide a discount to homeowners with smart homes.


Smart homes can have voice activated interface to control TV’s, lights, heating, and anything that can be connected in your home. Smart homes can also function based off of presence in the home and how you want them to react to specific situations. They are also becoming a huge help for people with varying disabilities and illnesses. 


Smart homes can include advanced security systems with cameras, motion sensors and door locks that can all be controlled and monitored from anywhere. Recieve alerts when someone rings or doorbell or motion is detected around your home and view live video feeds to detemine what is going on while you're away. A smart home can not only alert you about your home's security but can also notify you of a water leak, fire, carbon monoxide leak, etc.


Smart homes have evolved beyond the old home automation of being able to control only some lights and audio systems from a tablet mounted in your home. Your home can now have a brain that can control most anything in your home from anywhere in the world. All of these features can be installed together or separately depending on your wants and needs.


Smart homes can be set up to be absolutely perfect for you. A smart home can automatically detect whether anybody is home and perform actions for you based on specific conditions. Control your home through a phone and tablet or by your voice. Have whole home audio gives you the ability to play the same or different audio sources in multiple rooms at the same time. 


 Homes with automated systems have the potential to sell for much more than comparable homes with conventional technologies. The Coldwell Banker Real Estate Smart Home Marketplace Survey found that nearly half of consumers say smart home technology is important for their current home or their next home purchase.



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